Animal Control

In Case of an Emergency
Contact Animal Control in case of an emergency involving:
  • Bite cases
  • Dogs being aggressive towards people
  • Injured stray animals
Injured Stray Animal
Provide Animal Control with the known location and description of the animal. If it can be safely contained, do so without risking injury to yourself. If it cannot be contained, keep an eye on it so we can locate it when we get to the site.

Animals With High Risk Rabies
If an animal in the high risk rabies category (bat, skunk, raccoon, fox, coyote) is acting abnormal around people or animals, we will take care of it.

Dog Being Aggressive Toward People
  • Do not run from the dog. Stay as calm as possible, but get away from it in a nonthreatening manner.
  • Try to get a description of the dog and report it to the Sheriff’s Department.
  • From a safe location, attempt to keep an eye on the dog so we can locate it.
  • If at all possible, try to contain the dog in a yard so it cannot get away. It is better for the dog to stay around for us to impound than to chase it off when there’s a chance of it coming back and being more aggressive in the future.
Abnormal Acting Animals
Keep an eye on the animal without disturbing it. Do not attempt to handle the animal in any way.